Project description ‘Win’ and ‘Rand’ have reached an impasse. Should Clark Shipping look to the futu

Project description ‘Win’ and ‘Rand’ have reached an impasse. Should Clark Shipping look to the future as a “Your Only Choice for Midwest Shipping” or should they re-invent themselves for the next century? Here’s what you need to do: SOLVE THE CASE! The objective is a most practical, sensible application of the concepts of our course, coupled with your past experiences and insights. Cover this case in a traditional format:
• Start with: In this case: One sentence to grab the reader’s attention. This stands alone.
• Next paragraph or 2: Summarize. Use your own words. Make a statement of the problem inherent in this case, at the end of this section.
• Next paragraph or 2: Issues to deal with. In your essay, include things such as who are the stakeholders? What is the state of the environment affecting the alternatives? (I.E. big picture thinking: What should he keep in mind to make the very best choice?)
• Next paragraph or 2: Consideration of class concepts as guidelines. What did you think about when you considered the issues in the paragraph above? Include any ideas or theories we have covered and that you think apply. Use your text and notes.
? Consider incorporating the following ideas: Stakeholders, vision, objectives, decision making, STRATEGY, COMMUNICATION, LEADERSHIP, AUTHORITY, DELEGATION, MOTIVATION, etc.
• Concluding paragraphs: Plan of action: Include what to work on right now, and what can be considered later.
? Include at least 3 actions, and each should have some sub-objectives, or consider contingency plans.
? Be specific.

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