Psychology paper

Short Paper: The Scientific Skeptic
This short paper assignment will require you to apply the scientific method to a psychological claim that you are skeptical about.
Prompt: In everyday life we are regularly exposed to various claims about human psychology and human behavior. Whereas some of these claims may be scientifically valid many of them are not. Choose a psychological claim about which you are skeptical. If you are having trouble thinking of one think about common areas of pseudoscience that you may have heard about: astrology ESP hypnosis etc. to maybe get an idea.
In your paper develop a research question that you have about the claim. Discuss how the scientific method could be used to test your research question as compared to one of the other methods mentioned in the module (method of tenacity method of authority a priori method).
Your paper should include all of the following elements:
Your chosen psychological claim about which you are skeptical
Your research question about your chosen claim
An explanation of how the scientific method can be applied to test your research question
A comparison how the application of the scientific method to the research question compares to one of the other methods mentioned in this module.
Guidelines for Submission: Paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with double spacing standard font (12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Calibri) and one-inch margins. This paper should be a minimum of three pages (not including cover page and references).

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