Public Administration Portfolio, management homework help

1. Reflective Essay [6 pages]

-assessing your professional development while a student in the MPA program

  • What has being in the program contributed toward your professional development?
  • In what way(s) has the MPA program affected your perspective on how you would (or do) engage in the practice of public administration?


2. Essay on diversity [2-3 pages]

Each of us carries a personal identity involving our physical features (height, weight, gender, ethnicity, race, etc.), personal backgrounds (socio-economic, cultural, religious), and specific experiences, knowledge, attitudes, abilities and talents.

o How has your personal identity affected your work or life in terms of your relationships with others?

o If you carried a different identity, what differences would it make in those relationships?


3. Reflections on Your Favorite Course(s) and Least Favorite Course(s) [1 page per course]

o with comments re: what factors contributed to your response to them


4. Group or Team Work Experience [2-3 pages]

— Describe an experience you had in the MPA program that involved group or team work.

owhat does your experience in this group work demonstrate about your ability to work with others?

— explain what role you played in the group

— describe and evaluate how the team worked together

ohow was the project managed to meet deadlines and

— achieve the quality of work expected?

o who provided leadership? in what ways?

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