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Public Health essay, about 1000 words, must follow the prompt!!
In some situations, I fall in slightly depressed emotion. It brings me lots of trouble. So I want to change this behavior and habit and enjoy my life in USA. So I choose meditation. For example, before going to bed every night, I can sit a while and try to relax myself. Meditation is a special activities which helps me to put aside everything and give brain time to relax and adjust. Also, when waking up in the morning, I can imagine that today is a beautiful day. It sounds very easy. However it does work and promote my health also needs persistence.

Lots of researches have shown that meditation is beneficial for the sleep promotion and to pain relief from depression. Depression is an emotional state, mainly with significantly lower emotions and loss of pleasure. What is more, the patient often is pessimistic and lack of confidence, frown, long sigh, or even suicide(Clérymelin et al.). Today, the incidence of depression is getting higher and higher, especially among students. On the contrary, parents and teachers often pay much attention on the brilliant achievements. Statistics and researches have shown that children and adolescents suffer from depressive disorders more and more often. what’s more, the age of onset is getting younger and younger(Kalmã). However, it is worth noting that serious depression will lead to suicide. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of suicide self-inflictions among children and adolescents, reflecting their psychology problems.

The five dimensions of health are closely related to helpful effects from meditation treatment to depression. Physical dimension:Nobody can be successful without a strong body. In addition, one can gain a lot through mediation because of its physical activities to suppress the bad emotion. Social dimension:Individual growth and development are inseparable from the relationship. Meditation needs the strong support from social network and further strengthen relationship with family and friends. Emotional dimension: Poor emotional experience can lead to a decrease in overall satisfaction and vitality. Mediation can help the people relax. Intellectual dimension: Inadequacies in this area may delay the help provided by individual life experiences. With good intellectual health, one is able to gain a better understanding of class knowledge. Spiritual dimension: one can have good spiritual health by reading books. With a good exercise of mediation, one can deal with daily life far away from depression. So meditation will help the people who have the slight depression symptom to get away from the trouble from physical, social, emotional, spiritual levels.

Previously, I have tried to meditation by express yourself, sparse vent distress. In daily life, I learn to correctly and promptly vent their own negative emotions, not to suppress them. I can feel myself in good situation and stay happy freely.

We can evaluate effect of meditation on health in the following aspects. The first is a reasonable diet. Three meals should be reasonable and meet the reasonable nutrition requirements. The second is the regular daily living. This is an important health care method to ensure physical and mental health and longevity. The third is the balanced sleep: sleep is an important part of human life. Through sleep, people can get rest, recovery and adjustment wholeheartedly. Scientists believe that if you want to be healthy, you have to re-evaluate the health effects of sleep. So every day we can keep the records of all above data on the book sheet or smart phone to remind us our healthy state.

In summary, we can set lower desire and goal which is conducive to mental health. No matter how busy one is, one has to find time to relax through meditation. The immediate joy can help one prevent future depression. Also, one can clear your values and goals. One of the important reasons for depression is that what one actually does does not match what one really values.


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