What was the purpose and type of meeting held


Business Assessment2

Based on a meeting you have been involved in the class or your workplace, write up a review report (300 -400 words) that includes:
  • What was the purpose and type of meeting held
  • Provide details on the arrangements made for the meeting. If these      arrangements were sufficient or not?
  • Provide a list of documents used in the meeting including any      accompanying meeting papers, agenda and meeting minutes.
  • Were there any legal or ethical issues in the      meeting that impacted the meeting? If not, then give an example of two      pieces of legislation that we may need to follow when running a meeting.
  • How meeting participants ensured the use of      culturally appropriate communication techniques during the meeting?
  • How effectively you      thought, were the items on the agenda followed during the meeting.
  • Were the minutes taken      accurately and dispatched within the designated timelines?

Overall review of the meeting held and identification of any improvements you suggest

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