QUESTION 1According to the text, what are the skills used by managers when performing the four funct

QUESTION 1According to the text, what are the skills used by managers when performing the four functions of management?1.Analytical, interpersonal, and financial2.Conceptual, interpersonal, and organizational3.Conceptual, human, and technical4.Communication, strategic, and innovative5.Functional, problem-solving, and technical1 points QUESTION 2Using influence to motivate employees describes which of these functions?1.Planning2.Organizing3.Controlling4.Leading5.Monitoring1 points QUESTION 3____ is the management function concerned with monitoring employees’ activities, keeping the organization on track toward its goals, and making corrections as needed.1.Organizing2.Controlling3.Resource allocation4.Efficiency5.Planning1 points QUESTION 4Maintaining information links are the activities consistent with the ____ role.1.leader2.spokesperson3.entrepreneur4.liaison5.monitor1 points QUESTION 5The individual identity includes which of the following?1.Works in highly interdependent manner2.Works relatively independently3.Generalist, coordinates diverse tasks4.A network builder5.Gets things done through others1 points QUESTION 6In the new workplace, work is ____, in contrast to the old workplace where work was ____.1.autocratic; structured2.flexible; diverse3.calm; flexible4.mechanical; flexible5.flexible; structured1 points QUESTION 7Jessica was recently praised by her supervisor for displaying superior customer service during an encounter with a problem customer. This is an example of organizational: 1.goal-setting2.efficiency3.structure4.effectiveness5.information processing1 points QUESTION 8Managers shift gears quickly and therefore, the average time spent on any one activity is less than ____.1.nine hour4.a half hour5.a half day1 points QUESTION 9With its “community of interest†in a pre-Facebook era, the Grateful Dead band’s ability to ________ is a principle factor for its success over several decades.1.innovate2.compete3.monitor4.communicate5.generate revenue1 points QUESTION 10For a widget manufacturing company, worker-hours per widget is a measure of1.none of these.2.organizational performance.3.organizational effectiveness.4.organizational structure.5.organizational efficiency.1 points QUESTION 11Selecting goals and ways to attain them refers to1.organizing.2.controlling.3.leading.4.planning.5.staffing.1 points QUESTION 12According to Mintzberg, when Amanda attends a subordinate’s wedding she is performing which of these roles?1.Leader2.Liaison3.Spokesperson4.Monitoring5.Figurehead1 points QUESTION 13Which of these is NOT a part of an organization’s general environment?1.Sociocultural2.Competitors3.Legal-political4.Economic5.Technological1 points QUESTION 14Which of the following rules, according to Spotlight on Skills in Chapter 2, is about forging an emotional bond?1.Be efficient with use of time2.Make contact frequently3.Remember that relationships are not short-term4.Business is always personal5.Don’t skip the small talk1 points QUESTION 15Blockbuster’s weakened performance in recent years stems from which of the following?1.Growth in competition from oversees2.Weak supply chain management3.Inability to respond to the changing environment4.Inability to become environmentally sustainable5.Weak internal culture1 points QUESTION 16____ plays a key role in creating an organizational climate that enables learning and innovative responses to threats from the external environment, challenging new opportunities, or organizational crises.1.Competitive intelligence2.Corporate culture3.Mission statement4.Employee training5.Vision statement1 points QUESTION 17McDonald’s “We Love to See You Smile” represents a1.political activity.2.ritual.3.symbol.4.slogan.5.ceremony.1 points QUESTION 18Which of the following is NOT a part of adapting the organization to changes in the environment for coping with high environmental uncertainty?1.Advertising/public relations2.All of these are a part of organizational response in adapting the organization to changes in the environment.3.Interorganizational partnerships4.Boundary-spanning roles5.Mergers/joint ventures1 points QUESTION 19The level of corporate culture which cannot be seen but can be discerned from how people explain and justify what they do is1.Dress and office layout2.Invisible artifacts3.Slogans and ceremonies4.None of these5.Expressed values and beliefs1 points QUESTION 20Symbols, stories, and heroes are important because they1.entertain executive level management.2.communicate the significant values of an organization.3.give employees something to talk about.4.address the concerns of government.5.acquaint customers to the organization.1 points QUESTION 21The adaptability culture emerges in an environment that requires ____ response and ____ decision; low-risk2.regulated; low-risk3.slow;; high-risk5.slow; low-risk1 points QUESTION 22____ is(are) included in an organization’s task environment.1.Accounting procedures2.Government3.Technology4.Suppliers5.Demographic characteristics1 points QUESTION 23Scientific and technological advancements in a specific industry as well as in society at large are included in which general environment dimension?1.Legal-political dimension2.Sociocultural dimension3.Corporate culture dimension4.Economic dimension5.Technological dimension1 points QUESTION 24An interest group that works within the legal-political framework to influence companies to behave in socially responsible ways is called a(n) group.2.none of these.3.political influence group.4.pressure group.1 points QUESTION 25All of the following are examples of special interest groups EXCEPTprofessional associationstrade associationspolitical action committeescourtsconsumerists1 points QUESTION 26Anne Chinoda, to executive at Florida Blood Centers, is under pressure to resign because she took a #71,000 pay increase jusy months after she laid off 42 employees. Chinoda’s decision lies in thedomain of codified lawdomain of free choicedomain of ethicsdomain of social responsibilitynone of these1 points QUESTION 27Disk Replacement Services has just completed a procedural manual to handle employee grievances. One of the main criteria is to make it clear to employees that rules will be administered fairly and consistently. Disk Replacement operates onthe procedural justice approachthe utilitarian approachthe individual approachthe defensive approachthe free-choice approach1 points QUESTION 28Regarding the levels of personal moral development, the majority of managers operate at the ___ levelpreconventionalautocraticpostconventionalconventionaltransformative1 points QUESTION 29Which of these is the disclosure by an employee of an illegal activity?TattlingOrganiztional communicationThe filing of a disclosure ststementSnoopingNone of these1 points QUESTION 30Sharon is a manager at Softest Tissue Corporation. She is faced with an interesting problem. One of her employees has been cheating the compoany out of expense money. Sharon must decide whether or not to fire this employee. In this role, Sharon is acting asa moral agentan obstructive manageran ethical theorista symbolic leaderan authoritarian leader1 points QUESTION 31When the USS Indianapolis sank after being torpedoed, one Navy pilot disobeyed orders and risked his life to save men who were being picked off by sharks. The Navy pilot was operating from the _____ level of moral development.preconventionalconventionalpostconventiallowestconservative1 points QUESTION 32Robbie Roberts decided to continue operations at one plant while shutting down another. The decision was justified on the basis of what was best for the total corporation. This is an example of thejustice approachutilitarian approachindividualism approachillegal approachmoral-justice approach1 points QUESTION 33The golden rule “do unto others as they would do unto you” isan example of the utilitarian approach to ethical behaviorrepresentative of the moral-justice approach to moral decision makingan example of the values that guide the individualism approach to ethical behaviorsilly and outdatedan example of the justice approach to ethical behavior1 points QUESTION 34_______includes behavior that is not always written down and may actually not serve an organization’s bottom-line.Legal responsibilityEconomic responsibilityEthical responsibilityDiscretionary responsibilityNone of these1 points QUESTION 35With a philosophy of ____ , managers weave environmental and social concerns into every strategic decision, revise policies and procedures to support these eforts and goals.sustainabilityconservationethicspreservationhuman concerns1 points QUESTION 36Of the following, which may whistle-blowers suffer:Job lossOstracism by coworkersTransfer to lower- level positionsHostile work environmentAll of the above

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