QUESTION 40Deborah has been under heavy pressure at work for the past few weeks and it has drained h

QUESTION 40Deborah has been under heavy pressure at work for the past few weeks and it has drained her body of all its resources. If the stressor continues, she will soon enter the _______________ stage.resistanceexhaustionalarmfight or flight1 points QUESTION 41Jameel has a desire to learn as much about psychology as he can. Psychologists would call this desire a(n)emotion.thought.motive.instinct.1 points QUESTION 42Anorexia is more common in cultures wherefood is scarce.the poverty level is high.there is extreme pressure to be thin.the education level is lower.1 points QUESTION 43Working hard to improve your basketball skills in order to be selected to the all-star team would be a good example of _______________ motivation.arousalextrinsicdriveall of these1 points QUESTION 44According to drive theory, we should not feel hungry whenwe are more tired than hungry.we have adequate fuel and nutrients in our bodies.we are highly aroused.our minds are engaged in challenging tasks.1 points QUESTION 45Helena works for a fast food restaurant. For the last three months, she has been named the employee of the month. In psychological terms, Helena appears to have a great deal of ___________ to succeed at her job.desiremotivationhungerwish1 points QUESTION 46____________ are individuals who are attracted to members of both sexes.HomosexualsLesbiansHeterosexualsBisexuals1 points QUESTION 47CCK is secreted by the _______________ in response to eating.hypothalamusliverfat cellsintestines1 points QUESTION 48Becoming hungry when we smell the neighbor’s barbecue illustrates the role that __________________ play(s) in hunger motivation.the hypothalamusexternal factorsinsulinhormones1 points QUESTION 49Based on information provided in the textbook, prejudice against those who are overweightis a universal phenomenon.varies from culture to culture.exists in the U.S., but is generally non-existent elsewhere.exists in most of the world, but not greatly in the U.S.

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