Questions for Case Write-Up 1 Length Requirement:

Questions for Case Write-Up 1

Length Requirement:

While quality answers are the ultimate basis for my grading on this assignment, the following important length requirement may help ensure that enough effort, thoughts, and details are demonstrated in the answers. Please insert your answers to this document and limit your answers to about 3 single-spaced pages, using size 12 of Times New Roman font and leave 1-inch margin on all sides. As my questions already occupy 2.5 pages (not counting the practice question on the Virgin Mobile case), please make sure that your final answers would be about 5.5 pages (including my original questions). Please use the blue color for your answers.

There will be penalty for write-ups significantly going over the 3-page length limit (5 points deducted per extra page), and writer-ups coming significantly less than 3 pages could miss important, pertinent details needed for high quality answers. Please submit the file in Microsoft Word.

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