Regarding a newsletter

Technical Writing Class (EH 3341) at Columbia Southern University: Unit III Assignment

Create a one-page newsletter for your employer, an organization to which you belong (American Society of Engineers or AASE is the organization) or any city that you know well. To help you organize the layout for your newsletter, examine the page grids on pages 169 and 170 in the textbook. The textbook also contains several “Tech Tips” that will help you create this document in Microsoft Word. Your content can include information about recent events, significant people, or future activities. Your content can be fictional. Your newsletter should follow these guidelines:  Adhere to the design principles discussed in Chapter 7.  Include at least one image.  Include at least one table/chart/graph that demonstrates numerical information.  Have a minimum of three different stories. Your newsletter does not need a title page, and it does not have to be formatted in APA style. It needs to be at least one page in length. References are not required for this assignment.

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