Research 2 Investment As an investor you need to calculate the main ratios. o Internal liquidity ratios: C urrent ratio. o Operating performance:…

Research 2 Investment

 As an investor you need to calculate the main ratios..

o Internal liquidity ratios::

 C urrent ratio..

o Operating performance::

 Operating efficien cy ratios:: total asset turnover..

o Operating profitability ratios::

 Gross profit margin,,

 O perating profit margin,,

 N et profit margin,,

 R eturn on total capital,, (RROE)) .

o Risk analysis

 Business risk::

 T ype of industry..

 T he variability of the firm’s operating income over time (ssales variability,, and operating leverage)) .

o Financial risk

 Uncertainty of acquirin g debt,, the acceptable level of financial risk for a firm depends on its business risk .

 Debt ratios:: debt – equity ratio,, long – term debt//ttotal capital ratio,, total debt ratio .

 Interest coverage Cash flow coverage ratio,, cash flow – long term debt ratio,, cash flo w//ttotal debt ratio .

o External liquidity risk (ddeterminants of market liquidity))

 Comparing the market data with the companies ‘ data .

 As an investor,, you have to decide the possibility to invest in these companies and explaining the reasoning of your decision..

o Summary

 Of the main and relevant issues found from the da ta .

o Investment decision

 Considering the data,, investme nt theories do you recommend to invest in these companies individually or as a portfolio .

o Comparison between theory and practices in investment..

 The most relevant aspects of your project . Identify the most issue that you considered important in considering to invest in the sample companies..

 Identify a practice or a theory to support your discussion .  

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