Research Nike and history.

Research Nike and history.  Compare and evaluate Nike’s financial performance for the last two years with its major competitor (by looking at the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow chart, industry trends, etc., of both companies).   Your assignment is to research the company (this could include mergers, acquisitions, etc.), analyze the financial performance (using all sources available to you, i.e., annual reports, 10K or 10Q).    In addition to reviewing the traditional financial performance indicators, you are to review the company’s past and current stock performance. You can get stock information from the NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, etc.  
Your report includes three parts:
(1)        Compare and evaluate the Nike’s financial performance for the last two years with its main competitor (by looking at the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow chart, etc., of both companies.). Look at the industry for trends and compare.  For example, if you choose Apple as your company, Microsoft is a major competitor.  The industry is the computer, digital electronics, tablets, etc.
(2)        An evaluation of the company’s stock performance for the last year.  Compare to the previous year.  
(3)        Finally, a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale, as to whether or not the company’s recent trend in financial and stock performance are of sufficient financial strength to warrant a recommendation to purchase their stock.  
You may wish to include all necessary and relevant financial performance and stock information, trends, and projections in supporting your recommendation. These factors may include, financial ratio trends and industry comparatives, capital spending, stock growth.
The paper will be 5- 6 pages.  The 5-6 pages do not include the title page, graphs or references. The paper must include an introduction or abstract and a summary conclusion.  
General Guidelines for All Written Work
All written projects should conform to standards of formatting and documentation, including proper citations and references found in an acceptable college-level writing guide such as MLA, APA.
Written projects must be:

  1. typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, with margins no wider than one inch
  2. have footnotes or endnotes, with correct citations
  3. have a bibliography of sources used
  4. include, for each entry, the author, title, city and state of publisher, publisher’s name, year, and page numbers
  5. prepared using word processing software (Microsoft Word preferred), in a manner similar to the preparation of a written assignment for classroom submission

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