Research paper

The final product of this course will be the research paper. This report is to be typewritten and at least 15 pages in length (this may include title page and reference page). This report is to be on standard 8.5” by 11” paper and must be printed in standard size 12pt font (oversized print will not be acceptable). The paper should be double spaced. You must follow the prescribed format, which is APA Format. Further, it must contain a minimum of 15-20 references, which must include at least one (1) book other than a text book, one (7) professional journal article, and one (1) trade journal article, and one (1) web site.This paper will be graded on spelling, grammar, and format as well as on content. If you do not use proper APA citation as well as proper grammar, spelling and format, you will lose points and will put an A out of reach. It is imperative that you do proper citation (this includes citing sources within the body of the paper – not just listing your sources at the end of the paper). You must give appropriate credit to sources in the body of your paper; otherwise, it is plagiarism. Please follow topic that has been attached in files.

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