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ENC1102 Research Paper Exercise (3 points)

Part I: Instructions

 1. Go to and click on “MLA 2016 Formatting and Style Guide.”

2. Click on “MLA Sample Paper,” and then on “Media File: MLA Sample Paper.”

As you read the paper, read the margin annotations in blue and green boxes and answer the following questions:

1. Describe the information the student provides in the heading, and the format of the top left and top right corners of the first page.

2.  How is the title formatted?

3. According to the margin notes, what information should the introduction include?

4. What should the line-spacing be for your research paper?

5. On the bottom of page 2, right margin, the blue-box annotation explains how to indicate that your source has a style error that you have copied directly. What does the information state?

6. On page 3, the blue-box annotation in the left margin describes the formatting for one type of in-text citation. What information does the box include? Where do you place the period?

7. In the paragraph at the top of page 4, which two transition words does the student use?

8. How do you indicate that you are omitting words in the quotation that you are citing?

9. How do you type titles of long works?

10. What four elements should the main body paragraphs of your paper have?

11. How does the student support the topic sentences of the paragraph on page 4?   

12. On pages 5 and 6, a green and a blue box in the left margin describe block quotations. Explain the format for a block quotation

 13. If your citation is already part of your text (for example, “According to James Kelly) where do you place the period?

14. On the bottom of page 6 there is an in-text citation for a source with more than three authors. What does the annotation explain about the format for that in-text citation? Explain the in-text citation that the student writer has typed.

15. Close the Sample Paper and go to “MLA  In-Text Citations: The Basics.” Provide the sample citations for a source with two authors and a source with no author (as they appear in parentheses).

16. What is the citation format for an indirect source (a “source within a source”)?

17. Go to “MLA Works Cited Page: Books.” What is the “basic book format”? Copy both the basic format for a Works Cited page entry, and the specific examples below the basic format.

18. Go to “MLA Works Cited Page: Periodicals” and scroll down to “An Article in a Scholarly Journal.” Copy both the basic format for a Works Cited page entry of an article in a periodical, and the two specific entries.

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