Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words. NO WORK CITED PAGES Each response is to be specific to the original post of the individual to whom you are respond

Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words. NO WORK CITED PAGES

Each response is to be specific to the original post of the individual to whom you are responding (in other words, you cannot post the same thing for each response). Each response should be a thoughtful reflection of the original post. In other words, simply saying “good idea” is not sufficient. Your replies should incorporate terminology and details from the readings and presentation.

Tips: Be sure to…

  • be supportive and affirming in your responses
  • individualize each response
  • make sure your replies are consistent with the course material (readings and presentation)

TOPIC: Describe what you consider to be two advantages and one disadvantage of early content/learning standards. Support your reasoning for each with information from thearticles and presentation. Include a link to your state’s standards as a part of your post.

Student #1 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words. NO WORK CITED PAGES!!!

In many states they are implementing the common core state standards. These standards were developed for the children five years and below to help define the learning expectations, and outcomes. These standards focus on the whole child and not just in the academic area. They include physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development content. Many State funded programs need to implement these guidelines except for the private school’s they have the choice of implementing them or not.

One of the advantages of these standards is that it provides teachers with a guide of what to plan for the classroom. Focusing on what the children should be learning of these concepts. Not many teachers have enough education so they may not know what materials to use and activities to do with the children. These guides them to focus on developmentally appropriate learning concepts for children at this age. It leads them to select a variety of activities for the children that will help them enhance their skills in many areas of the development of the child not only in the academic are. They need to include activities that are promoting physical development, teach them about emotions, learning social skills and cognitive.

Another advantage is that it focuses a curriculum and instruction for teachers to follow. This is helpful because not all people have the same idea of what is developmentally appropriate for young children’s we are all influenced by our cultures and experiences we have. Many have different views and having this state guidelines helps redirect the teachers to the type of instruction they should implement for the children. Focusing on the implementation of these objectives.

One of the disadvantages of having them is that many teachers can have higher expectations on the children and may push the child to achieve skills in an inappropriate way of learning. Children learn at different pace and some may be ready to be challenge as others are at their level or below. This may create teachers to label children with a disability. Teachers may start of using materials that are academically focused to prepare them for kindergarten and forgetting about meeting the current needs of the children in their program.

California state learning Standards

Student #2 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words. NO WORK CITED PAGES!!!

Some advantages of early content/learning standards is Affirming of the abilities of children meaning, everything should be developmental appropriate. Meeting the current needs and meeting them at the point where they are, and creating the foundation for later years. Children are capable to do various things they should be recognized as longest they realistic and devopmental appropriate. Second advantage of early content/learning standard is Focus curriculum and instruction, well help teachers in the classroom to know what type of activities to help strive children. This helps guide planning in creating educational activities to help support children’s goals. In order to promote development the child should of progressive in all developmental domains. Some disadvantages in early content/learning standards are: Children will be pushed to “achieve” or “perform” and Children will experience negative consequences for failure to “achieve”. When children are pushed to achieve and perform they are expected to perform certain academic grade level. For example in the presentation an example that was provided with a child is not fluent in English because this is not his primay language he is not going to be reaching he’s potential education. Second disadvantages children will be negative consequences for failure to “achieve”, meaning child can be label with a learning disability because he is not achieving or performing grade level.

California State standard link: foundation.asp


Student #3 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words. NO WORK CITED PAGES!!!

Hi Everyone,

The learning standards can create many benefits in children learning and development. One of the advantages is that it focuses on the curriculum and instruction, which will bring beneficial and developmentally appropriate activities for children. Furthermore, we can adapt lessons and activities to increase knowledge in children, improve school readiness, etc. For example, we use learning standards for each subject, helping us plan the lesson with the objectives that the common core standards provide.Another advantage is that it builds consensus among professionals and families. Families expand their knowledge about what their children are learning or about what is developmentally appropriate for them. They will learn which skills children are learning to help their development in different settings as playing etc. Besides, one of the disadvantages that children may encounter through learning standards will being label as an educational failure, retain them in grade, and deny educational services for not meeting the criteria. For example, in my school, we follow the standard, and we have some assessments during the school year to evaluate if the children are meeting the standards, but we also look at the children daily performance-based. In reality, this assessment is more for us as teachers to adapt or improve our instruction. Learning standards cannot focus only on one score, but it should focus on the performance-based of the students. Teachers or the program should be careful with the standards and use it appropriately, considering the diversity of learning with children.

Florida standards websites:

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