Response to Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi’s “What is the Self?”

YOU HAVE TO READ “WHAT IS THE SELF” BY Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi

1- PRESENTING THE SOURCE MATERIAL: The first thing you need to do is objectively (not agreeing or disagreeing) sums up his key ideas. Do this as if your reader has not read “What is the Self?” using a combination of paraphrase and QUOTATION from the essay. As part of your summary, BE SURE TO DISCUSS Czikszentmihalyi’s ideas that body decorations, clothing, personal possessions, and household objects play a role in the construction of one’s sense of self. This should be 2 PAGES OR LONGER!!!

2- MOVING BEYOND THE SOURCE MATERIAL: Do you agree that material possessions are, in fact, powerful symbols of selfhood? What SPECIFIC things, decorations, or household objects of yours contribute to your sense of self (explain it very well Writer and if you can give some examples of your own life that’d be great)? What information do these objects communicate about you ( you can talk about yourself Writer)? BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. This should be ONE PAGE OR LONGER.

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