Responsibility of companies to provide accurate information to consumers



Assignment 3: Persuasive Research Essay (Draft)
  1. Due Week 7
    200 points
    For the persuasive research essay (draft) you will explore one of the four topics in the listed below:

    • Responsibility of companies to provide accurate information to consumers
    • Accountability in the media
    • Advertising and information
    • Technology and innovation in the classroom
    • The purpose of this assignment is to research the chosen topic, decide your stance, and write your essay to persuade the reader to adopt your stance. The essay must be 5-7 pages long and must use at least 6 academically appropriate sources (requirements listed below).
      Your points must be clearly supported and the target audience is a similar group of people as yourself (same relative age range and education level).
      How to assemble the essay:
    1. Choose a topic from the provided list and create a research question.
    2. Research the question and determine your stance (follow the research requirements listed below).
    3. Write a thesis statement that covers the paper topic, stance, and direction (what you want the reader to comprehend by the end of your essay).
    4. Create an essay in APA format with proper in-text citations and a References page.
    5. Each point made should be supported by quoted or paraphrased information from at least one academically relevant source.
    6. As a general rule, you will have 2-3 citations in each fully-developed paragraph.
    7. Include a minimum of one paragraph that deals with an opposing viewpoint (including a minimum of one source).
    8. Review draft to be certain ideas flow, each paragraph supports the thesis found at the end of the introduction, and that the conclusion provides a strong sense of closure.
    9. Proofread the final version for grammatical, sentence structure, clarity, and word use errors.
    10. Submit the essay to the provided Blackboard link in Week 7.
    11. Source Requirements:
    • Minimum 3 sources from peer reviewed databases (EBSCOhost or other instructor approved database)
    • Minimum 3 sources published since 2015
    • Minimum 1 source supporting opposing viewpoint
    • Standard dictionaries and encyclopedias (including do not count toward requirement
    • The final version must:
    • Be in essay form with an introduction and thesis statement, body, and conclusion.
    • Be written in third person.
    • Meet the 5-7 page requirement (title and References pages do not count).
    • Take a clear stance and articulate the stance through a well-developed thesis.
    • Use a minimum of 6 academically appropriate sources (follow source requirements above) properly cited in APA format and represented on a References page.

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