responsibility plan with communication section on project risk to open a grocerey store.

Part 1

Use the following risk that can be associated with a new grocery store project.

RBS Level 0

RBS Level 1

RBS Level 2

New Grocery Store Project Risk

1.0 Technological Risk

1.1 Loyal customer base

1.2 Quality Risk

1.3 Training risk

2.0 Management Risk

2.1 Project Risk

2.2 Failure Risk

2.3 Training Risk

2.4 Communication Risk

3.0 Financial Risk

3.1 Income loss

3.2 Procurement issues

3.3 Pricing Risk

3.4 Business Expansion

3.5 Sales increase

4.0 Commercial Risk

4.1 Loyal customer base

4.2 Market behavior

4.3 Transportation

4.4 Sourcing materials

4.5 Business expansion

5.0 Internal Risk

5.1 Storage risk

5.2 Training Risk

5.3 Cultural Risk

5.4 Loyal customer base

6.0 External Risk

6.1 Local economy

6.2 Legislation

6.3 Legal procedures

6.4 Competition

6.5 Cultural risk

6.6 Severe weather

6.7 Area constraints

6.8 Transportation constraints

Develop a Risk Responsibility Plan for the risks that are identified. The plan may include a chart such as a RASI (Responsible, Approver, Support, and Information) , using main stakeholders in the project (owner, contractors, lender, authorities).

Provide a detailed description of how you will manage the risk plan and the risk responses.

Develop a contingency budget for the risk responses selected.

1000 words, APA format, References

Part 2

Add a Communications Plan to monitor and control the risk throughout the project

500-600 words, APA format, References

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