role of public accountant scheduling conflicts, assignment help

Congratulations! Through your research and efforts last week, you’ve been offered and accepted a position as a staff accountant at ABC Tax & Accounting Service. As a public accountant, you will work with many clients and organizations every day. This requires a number of skills, including time management, communication, information literacy, digital fluency, and teamwork, along with accounting knowledge and skills.

In this new position, you have a number of duties and clients you are responsible for. After a long weekend, you arrive to the office on Monday morning, April 11th, to the communications and issues in this document.

Along with all of the communications on your task list, you have work from prior weeks to attend to as well, including the March bookkeeping for Buzz Electricals, quarterly payroll reports for the Ripp Sewing Company due to be postmarked by April 30th, and a few tax returns that were started last week that clients would like to review and sign on Wednesday of this week. Your schedule for the day shows the following:




Staff Meeting




Lunch – Planning Session


New Tax Client Meeting




Training – “Affordable Care Act Impact on Payroll Recordkeeping”

To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Prioritize what you will be working on today. In a single Word document, create a schedule in tabular format (you can use the schedule table above as a starting point) that shows the tasks you plan to complete today. Then, beneath the table, address the following:
    • Justify any tasks that you will be pushing to tomorrow or later and explain how you plan to address any scheduling or deadline conflicts.
    • Explain at least one alternative to the schedule you have created for yourself. Why is your chosen schedule more efficient/beneficial than other option? How does your choice benefit your employer? Your clients? You as an employee?
  2. Share how you will be responding to the email and voicemail messages in the document posted above using the following guidelines:
    • Emails should be written exactly as you would send them to clients or vendors, and voicemails should be scripted as exactly what you would say in response to the issues being raised.
    • Ensure you are providing accurate and pointed information along with any relevant details needed in your communications.
    • Remember to communicate in a professional and appropriate manner, keeping your audience and communication purpose in mind, as would be expected of you on the job.
    • Your submission can be a combination of different types of communications to address the concerns and issues that have arisen above. This might mean using a Word document, Excel document, or PowerPoint document or any combination thereof. Or you may decide to handle all communications in a single type of format.
    • Your communications should be clear, professional, and free from grammatical error, effectively using spellcheck and dictionary tools within the software programs chosen.
    • Remember to give credit to any external sources used by providing in-text citations and a reference page (if used)

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