The scope of Internet-related activities that are illegal


Legal Topics_W4_A2

On the basis of your textbook reading and legal research, identify the legal issues that are involved in the sharing of music files through the Internet with emphasis on recent case law. 

Click here to peruse the statutory copyright provisions.

In case, you have never tackled copyright infringements such as sharing of music files, click here to learn more about this topic.

Create a PowerPoint covering the following issues. It should contain between 6–9 slides (not including the title slide and reference list). Use the Speaker Notes to explain points in more detail. Ensure the slide contents are professional, clear, direct, and succinct. 

  • The scope of Internet-related activities that are illegal in areas such as the following:
    • Hidden dangers of peer-to-peer (P2P) File sharing systems
    • Digital Thefts
    • Downloading music or content without permission
  • In your PowerPoint, explain what the Fair Use doctrine is and how you relate the doctrine to the concept of file sharing.
  • Conclude your PowerPoint with a three to four page summary of what constitutes legal sharing of music files.

On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook format.

  •  three- to four-page paper should be in APA style.

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