When are secure attachments formed with infants?

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Read Chapter 9 and answer the following questions:

1.  When are secure attachments formed with infants?

2.  Explain the concept of “goodness of fit”.

3.  Define sense of trust, separation anxiety, stranger anxiety, and symbiotic.

4.  When does an infant develop a sense of trust?

5.  List the four (4) milestones in infants’ emotional growth according to Greenspan.

6.  Define behavioral theory.

7.  What is the debate over “spoiling” babies?

8.  What is the most important need for healthy development in infants?

9.  What does it mean to treat a baby with respect?

10.  Explain QRIS.  For what is QRIS used?

11.  What does culture have to do with childcare for infants?

12.  List six (6) guiding principles of DAP with infants.

13.  List six (6) suggestions for sensitive caregivers to respect infants.

14.  Sensitive responsiveness comes when adults do the following three (3) things.

15.  What is necessary for attachment with an infant to take place?

16.  List three (3) tips for creating opportunities for close physical contact with an infant.

17.  List four (4) tips for responsiveness of sensitive caregivers.

18.  What is continuity of care?

19.  List four (4) practices that allow babies to develop a sense of predictability and foster consistency.

20.  Define discipline.

21.  List four (4) suggestions for adults in learning to be helpful to babies in first social-emotional situations.

22.  List two (2) helpful suggestions for recognizing infant limitations.






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