Self-Disclosure and “Connecting” With Others Online, communications homework help

Prepare: To prepare for this discussion post, you must do the following:

  • Watch the video Connected, but alone.
  • Read Chapter 7 in the course text. Focus especially on section 7.4.
  • Based on what you’ve learned in these readings and videos, consider the importance self-disclosure in connecting with others and psychological health.
  • Read the writing prompt below in its entirety. Notice that there are three tasks to complete:
    • Define self-disclosure and explain its importance.
    • Think about how computer mediated communication has influenced patterns of self-disclosure and connecting with others.
    • Make connections between the themes of computer-mediated communication (CMC), isolation, and psychological health.
  • Review the grading rubric

Write: Based on what you have learned in Chapter 7 of Bevan and Sole (2014) and the video by Sherry Turkle (2012), address the following:

  • What is self-disclosure and how does it allow us to form bonds with others and become more self-aware?
  • How has computer-mediated communication (and social media specifically) influenced patterns of self-disclosure and connecting with others?
  • Why is self-disclosure and “connecting” with others important in psychological health?

Thoroughly address all three elements of this prompt by writing at least two to three sentences on each element. Use the course readings at least once to help you make your points. Consider copying and pasting these tasks into a word file and addressing each of them separately.

Your initial response should be 200 to 300 words in length

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