Selling your Vision, assignment help

Selling your Vision

There are multiple avenues that managers can use to present their vision of change to the organization. The first step in this process is to identify the target audience that will be addressed. Careful consideration needs to be given to the best path for reaching this particular audience. Managers will face more difficulties in the change process if the vision is presented and the target audience does not respond well. Therefore, careful consideration of how to communicate the vision to the target audience is a necessary first step.

As you review the resources this week, contemplate the following:

How does a manager determine the target audience?

How do managers get other people to sell their vision so that communication snowballs, or goes “viral?” How can social media be used to assist this process?

Note: You do not need to answer these points directly in your Discussion post, since they serve primarily to begin your thinking process. However, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Now answer the following questions:

  • How do you identify the “snakes” within the organization and counteract attempts to sabotage your vision? Describe how you could change “egos” into allies. Which do you think could be most harmful to the process—snakes or egos? Why?
  • How will you ensure that individuals who have “bought into your vision of change” effectively and correctly communicate that vision to others?

Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s resources and any additional sources.


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Step 4, “Communicate for Buy-In”

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