Sport coaching plan, management homework help

Carefully read the scenario below. Answer the question using specific reasons which will defend the position that you are taking and your decision rationale. You must have a minimum of 2 paragraphs and a maximum of 4 paragraphs detailing your answer. Submit your response to me no later then 8pm Sunday Evening of the week assigned. Good Luck.


We all intuitively know that planning is a good idea, but finding the time to plan can be a challenge. An annual plan is the road map for a successful program. A season plan helps coaches ensure that they will teach everything that the athletes need to learn—not only the obvious technical skills and physical training required, but also the tactical, mental, and communication skills that are essential for success. A practice plan is where the coach orchestrates the learning experience for the athletes. A great deal of time and thought go into planning, but these are the steps to success in coaching.

1. Explain what you believe to be the benefits of developing season plans.

2. Explain what you believe to be the benefits of developing daily practice plans.

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