Sports Management

Read the text Chapter 8 pages 259-271.

Each of the four leadership theories/models presented in support of performance motivation offers an area of emphasis on how to improve human performance to enhance an organization achieving its goals.

Review the four theorists introduced in the book and be sure to identify which leadership theorist in the text is known for each of the four models – Goal, Reinforcement, Needs and Expectancy theories.

How does each of the four theories differ? How are they similar?

Additionally, students are expected to Identify and cite at least one additional leadership theorist not presented in the week’s reading. Your additional theorist should align with either Goal theory, Reinforcement theory, Needs theory, or Expectancy theory. Students should cite a leadership theorist from an article or journal dated between years 1980-2015.

For this assignment, students should submit no less than four paragraphs, organizing each paragraph to detail one of the four performance motivation models. The written assignment should include an additional theorist the student identifies on his/her own, and an additional resource cited (beyond the textbook) in support of each area of emphasis. In all 4-5 theories will be detailed in the written assignment. Support your findings.

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