What stands out as your most critical moment of learning for this week?


Q 1Summary of Job Activities: Describe your daily activities: projects, meetings, etc. and reflect on your learning. What stands out as your most critical moment of learning for this week?  How did it make you feel?  Why is it important to you?

Q 2.  Internship Stages:  There are 5 well-documented stages of development to an internship experience.  Many things in life progress through developmental cycles–  A baby learns to crawl, walk, and talk; a seed grows into a plant, then buds, and bears fruit.  Development may look different and take different amounts of time, but the phases are still there.

Read over the “Developmental Stages” resource chart posted.  What stage are you at now?  Reflect on your experience over the last several weeks:  At what point did you cross from one stage to the next?  Please describe.  (It’s also possible to move back and forth across the three middle stages).  What feelings, behaviors, or thoughts are most significant about where you find yourself now?  Review to your StrengthsFinder results [Log into www.strengthsquest.com and download the Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide]…. what are 1-2 action items related to your top themes that can help you at this stage?

The Developmental Stages of an Internship Stage Interns Associated feelings, behaviors and thoughts Interns Suggested Response Strategies Anticipation Positive Expectations Anxiety about self, supervisor, co-workers, field site, clients, life context Be realistic, clear, specific goals Clarify and assess expectations Make an informed commitment Disillusionment Unexpected emotions Questioning adequacy of skills Understanding Breadth of demands Reality of relationships with clients Understanding/potentially conflicting operating values of organization Disappointment with supervisor/coworkers or tasks Acknowledge gap between expectations and reality Normalize feelings and behaviors Acknowledge and clarify specific issues Acknowledge and clarify feelings Confrontation Achieve independence Gain confidence Experience effectiveness Changes in opportunities There can be interpersonal issues There can be intrapersonal blocks Reassess goals and expectations Reassess support systems Develop specific strategies Competence High accomplishment Investment in work Quality supervision Understanding of ethical issues Worthwhile tasks Home/self /career issues Share concerns openly Develop coping strategies Culmination Termination with clients Case management issues Redefine relationship with supervisors, coworkers, faculty, peers Ending studies Post internship plans Identify feelings Recognize unfinished business Meet with supervisor Gather with colleagues Write final reflection

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