Strategic Management Decisions Exam, multiple choice assignment help

There are 4 multiple-choice questions from Strategic Management Decisions Exam:

7.______ refers to the extent to which an increase in the cost of the product makes a buyer less likely to purchase an item.

a. Affective conflict

b. Palming off

c. Party selling

d. Price sensitivity

28. This approach often created by non-profits recruits a network of representatives who pitch their wares to customers by going door to door with the primary aim of improving society.

a. Licensing

b. Franchising

c. Exporting

d. microfranchising

33. L&W Ltd. is a company headquartered in London that manufactures sports shoes. The firm operates across different countries. In Libya, the decisions regarding the products and services of the firm’s production unit such as the prices, promotional methods, etc. are constantly controlled by the government. This implies that the firm is encountering a(n):

a. cultural risk.

b. default risk.

c. legal risk.

d. political risk.

39. Delta Airlines announced that it was purchasing a refinery for $150 million and that it would spend an additional $100 million to upgrade the facility. Jet fuel is a major expense for airlines and Delta hoped that this would allow it to control costs. In this example, Delta is using which of the following strategies?

a. Unrelated diversification

b. Product development

c. Market penetration

d. Backward vertical integration

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