Supply Chain Assignment

Create a 2–3-page supply chain system report that contains a narrative description of a business’s global supply chain, a systems map of that supply chain, and a description of the systems dynamics that shape and impact it.


In this assessment, you will create a systems map for a business’s supply chain. Take some time to determine if you would like to sketch the map by hand and scan it or if you would prefer to use mapping software. If you do not own mapping software, you may want to locate a free mapping program online.

Take time to research and review systems mapping strategies for operations and supply chain systems.
Select a company to use as the basis of this assessment and other assessments in this course. As you do so, consider the following recommendations:
Select a company with a supply chain that ignites your interest: a U.S.-based retailer with clothes manufactured in Taiwan, or an auto manufacturer based in Japan with plants in Alabama and dealerships in England. Many interesting supply chain scenarios are awaiting your investigation.
Select a company with accessible public information about their supply chain. Look for published annual reports, articles, and news reports about the company in national magazines and periodicals; information on the company Web site; recent books about the company or its industry authored by leaders in that field; and financial evaluations and statistics provided by agencies like Moody’s and Standard and Poors or governmental entities like the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Research the global supply chain for your selected company, including its sourcing of raw materials, transportation process, manufacturing centers, distribution channels, and points of sale. Identify 4–6 sources that help you understand your business’s supply chain and that you can draw upon to complete this assessment.
This assessment consists of three parts you will fuse together to create a complete supply chain system report.

Part 1: Create a detailed narrative that describes your selected business’s global supply chain. Be sure to identify details including the sourcing of raw materials, the transportation process, all manufacturing centers, the distribution channels, and the points of sale.

Part 2: Using the information in Part 1, create a detailed, holistic, interactive systems map for your business’s supply chain. On the map, be sure to:

Clearly identify points of reinforcement and advantage within the supply chain.
Identify internal and external tasks and accountabilities across the supply chain.
Part 3: Describe the systems dynamics that impact and shape this global supply chain. As you do so, consider the following questions:

What barriers exist in in this supply chain? What custom laws and practices have to be considered in shipping mode choice and countries for product sales?
What are the “trigger points” to move from one shipping mode to another (that is, moving from slower rail mode to air freight with more cost)?
Additional Requirements
Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Any resources or citations must be formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards. Refer to the Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu for more information on APA style.
Sources: A minimum of 4 sources is required.
Length: Your report should be 2–3 pages for all three parts combined.
Font: Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

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