Synthetic Cannabinoids, Opioids and Heroin, management homework help

Synthetic Cannabinoids, Opioids and Heroin




After reading the Phillips’ and O’Malley articles, please thoughtfully answer the following questions:

1. Why is treatment of synthetic cannabinoids so difficult, and how is care focused?

2. What physiologic systems must be monitored and how are physiologic and behavioral symptoms best managed in the acute care setting?

3. Why is enforcement of synthetic cannabinoids so difficult?

4, Have you experienced a person suffering from synthetic cannabinoid intoxication or overdose?

4. What are the first line treatments for opioid and heroin addiction?

5. What can be done to help prevent relapse?

6. In addition to either oral or IM naltrexone, what do think would improve long-term success in opioid abstinence?


7. Have you had any experience with a patient or person addicted to heroine or opioids? Briefly share your perspective.

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