technical Writing week 9

  1. In our textbook, read “Chapter 9: Proposals and Progress Reports” on pages 233 – 273.

  2. Do Exercise 1 on page 272.

    •   Write a 500 to 750-word memo to Lydia suggesting specific changes to her proposal. The two biggest problems with her draft are organization and writing style, so at a minimum, you need to address those two major topics. (Hint: She is writing a relatively short and informal funding proposal, so she really needs only four sections: Purpose, Rationale, Cost, and Conclusion.)

    •   Revise Lydia’s proposal by incorporating the changes suggested in your memo.

    •   Be sure your memo and revised proposal incorporate all other relevant principles of ethics,

      readability, document design, etc. addressed in previous chapters.

    •   Proofread and edit your work carefully.

  3. Save your memo and revised draft as a single MS Word file. Be sure to use the correct file name, e.g., JaneDoeWeek9.docx.

  4. Upload your file by to the Week 9 link in the Assignments & Exams page of Bb by the due date and time.


As I evaluate your assignment, I will ask myself the following questions:

  •   Have you followed the instructions in this assignment sheet, in the textbook exercise, and in the syllabus?

  •   Do your responses show clear evidence that you have read and understood the assigned readings?

  •   Do your responses conform to the criteria listed in the “Grades” section of the syllabus? 

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