Technological advancement effects on Teenagers

Audience purpose and genre, I want to convince the teenagers who are the majority users of laptops and other wireless apparatus that there is a health risk involved in constant use of wireless gadgets. I will achieve this goal through the clear demonstration of the impact of wireless technology on the brain cell composition and the spread of cancer.

Technological advancement has had a great impact on teenagers’ life in general. The discovery of cable and wireless technology as a way of enhancing information has been hailed as a big milestone in the history of humanity. Teenage Life activities have been significantly improved with the growth of wireless communication. Although cable was the first medium of communication, the discovery of wireless communication has created more opportunities in life. There are many effects of wireless and cable technology in the lives of teenagers (Huurdeman, 2010). The effects are both positive and negative. Due to the available options, it has become arguable to decide which of the two mediums is best for teenagers in the society. Cable is noted as one of the safest ways of communication as it poses no health risks to the user.

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