Technology development is occurring swiftly. In particular, advances in automation and… 1 answer below »

Technology development is occurring swiftly. In particular, advances in automation and communication
have allowed a range of drone devices to be easily deployed from remote locations without their operators
ever being visible or put at risk. This has potential application for everything from innocent entertainment
for weekend hobbyists or the easy commercial couriering of packages to recipients…right through to more
serious applications such as stealth surveillance of individuals by government agencies and the cost-effective
delivery of lethal payloads against selected targets.
While commercial value might be obvious, sometimes the ethics behind exploiting certain technological
advances is unclear. In fact, one could say that technology (and its potential for use/misuse) has been
growing faster than either the law or ethics have been able to match.
In this assignment you will discuss the ethics of a real-life technology and the variety of situations to which
it might be applied. In the current case, consideration should be given to recent development of drone
technology and the ability for operators to remote-control unmanned aircraft and similar devices without
themselves ever being identified or put at risk. As a project management student who in future may help
develop related equipment and software (or have privileged access to information provided by their use) such
issues could be quite relevant to your long-term roles and activities within the work sector.
A few descriptive news articles are provided as a base sample in Appendix A along with a few additional
links in Appendix B. However, in order to adequately respond to assignment requirements you are expected
to do additional research and better inform yourself in regards this topic.
Tasks and Assessment
Prepare a report in three parts answering the questions in each section. You are expected to conceptualise the
problem/issue, find relevant references for context, facts, theory and examples and come up with appropriate
points of view. Your positions should be supported with argument and citations as appropriate. Marks will
also be awarded for presentation and professionalism of the response.
1) Stakeholder Ethics (12 marks)
a) Identify and outline at least 3 ethical issues that may be associated with use of drones. Why do you
believe that these are (or could be) ethical concerns?
b) For each ethical concern nominated in 1(a), identify at least two key stakeholders. For each stakeholder
attempt to briefly describe the situation and reasoning from their perspective as best you can.
c) For each stakeholder (or stakeholder group) identified in 1(b), select what you believe is the relevant
ethical view they have likely taken (i.e. choose from the list of 7 ‘ethical principles’ given on slide 10
of lecture 3). Briefly explain why you attributed that ethical stance to them.

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