Tett, Gillian. (2017). The Emperor has no clothes. Foreign Policy (Jan/Feb 2017). Krugman, P. (1996). A Country Is Not a Company. Harvard Business…

Do not post a summary of the readings. Entries should capture your perspective on the readings and any insights you have. Bring in additional readings and/or other sources. Some questions to think about, as appropriate, when you compose these entries.

1. What is the key topic/message of the reading? What question or topic do you think the author is addressing? This is sometimes implied rather than stated explicitly, so you may need to infer something that is not literally in the text.

2. Is the argument important and worth caring about? What evidence does the author offer in support of the position put forth? Is it convincing? Are there inconsistencies with other readings or your understanding of the situation?

3. Was it difficult to read and understand? If so, why? If not, why not? What would make it better?

4. Does this reading develop your understanding of the topic? What do you know now that you did not know before? How might this reading influence your actions in the future?

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