The aim of this assignment is to conduct a management and sustainability analysis of thePlastic… 1 answer below »

Assessment Task 3 – Description of Task and Assessment Criteria

Assessment Task 3: Analytical Management Assignment

The aim of this assignment is to conduct a management and sustainability analysis of thePlastic Collectivebased on the information available in the public domain.

Students mustnot contact the organisation directly.


1) Choose Plastic Collective or any one partner company of the Plastic Collective to conduct an Analytical analysis to the case study.

2) Background to the case: Investigate and report on the background and importance of the Plastic Collective and the Australian and international business landscape

3) Demonstration of the Body of Knowledge: Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues

4) Analysis of the situation: Relate your analysis to sustainability practices of the Plastic Collective (think relevant theory practice sustainability), and include the following aspects:

I. Role of planning

II. Role of organising

III. Role of leading

IV. Role of control

5) Explanation of the case and synthesis with the theory: Make recommendations and conclusions based on your analysis for future strategies in which management should engage (identify 3 major strategies based on the previous analysis of the company).

6) Present the item with appropriately structured writing and English expression, and referencing.

Submitting the Assessment Task

This is an individual assessment task. You should submit using the Moodle submission link for this assignment. Remember the assessment task should:

1. be approximately 1,500 words (maximum 1,750 words)

2. use Calibri 12 point font, double line spacing

3. use Harvard referencing. 15 references are expected. Please use at least 75% of academic references.

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