The Contemporary Energy Order

The Contemporary Energy Order
Basically, you are asked to write about the contemporary energy order, with some comparisons to the postwar petroleum order and the OPEC era This was covered in lecture 5, which contain slides summarizing the key characteristics of the three eras.
The next part asks how it came into being. This was covered in lecture 4, which talked about the OPEC era and the end of the Cold War.
You should compare and contrast the contemporary energy order with the postwar petroleum order, covered in lecture 2, and the OPEC era, covered in lecture 4. The lectures have some statistics on production and consumption and you can also check the BP Statistical Review of World Energy for statistics.
Finally, you should discuss the strengths and vulnerabilities of the contemporary energy order. This was covered in lectures 6 (technology),7 (wars), and 8 (challenges).
As noted, you should draw on the course readings and the slides. If you want to do additional reading, I would recommend the first 16 chapters of Daniel Yergin, The Quest. There is no requirement to do additional reading.
In an analytical paper discuss the origins, operation, and prospects of the contemporary energy order
What are its key characteristics?
How did it come into being?
How does it differ from earlier energy orders?
What are its strengths and vulnerabilities?
The Paper Should Be Double-Spaced Using 12 Point Times New Roman Font. 2,500 Words; Approximately 10 Pages

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