The emerging role of nursing in the care of the patients with lung cancer in Saudi Arabia

The aim of this study was to scope the role of nurses’ in the case management of the patients with lung cancer in Saudi Arabia.

The Study Question:

what is the emerging role of nurses in the care of patients with lung cancer in Saudi Arabia?


• What happing now?
• What are the possibilities for the future?
– The keywords in the search strategy must be related to the aim of the study such as ( Nursing role AND Lung cancer patients, Nursing management AND Lung cancer patients, Nursing care AND Lung cancer patients).

I need you to use Pubmed, Scopus and Cinahl as a database for the searching process.

– I want you to follow Search process table in the databases (Attached).

– The main focus of this study should be in Saudi Arabia. There are limited studies in Saudi Arabia regarding this topic. However, I need you to clarify this issue at the end of the literature review which is the reason for conducting this study. You are welcome to include articles globally.

-17 Original articles (Qualitative) should include in this literature review. arguments and critique
in the articles should be considered.

– In the search strategy, I need it to be limited to recent five years 2011 to 2016 original articles; qualitative research only and focuses on nursing field. This information should be clarified in the beginning as inclusion and exclusion criteria.
– The 17 articles should be Categorised in themes as sub-heading in the literature review to organise the work.

– No Plagiarism, please.

Introduction and conclusion should be stated.

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