the outline and essay as we agreed

Choosing either a character study, relationships, compare/contrast, light/color, sound/music, or a theme of your choice, formulate a five-paragraph essay of about three pages about the film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Pay attention to details as they apply to what you choose to write about here. You can compare/contrast characters. You can also do that for relationships, and for light and color to music and sound for effect. Looking at the film as a vehicle for story-telling in the visual medium, consider the importance of understanding the plot in a film such as this. Go through the outline and add on elements and resources as they apply to your essay. 

Avoid informal tone though you can assert your opinion in here a little.

For a character study, you can discuss and analyze one or two characters through the course of the film and how they evolve (for better or worse)

For a compare/contrast, you can use characters to compare or other films, or you can look at how the sound and light differ from each character and why that is important. 

You can also focus on the visual element of story-telling via the use of shadows and light. You can also use this as a compare/contrast.

If you focus on relationships, discuss whether they are important, and how they changed the characters. 

If you decide that you want to focus on themes and messages in the film and relate it to something, you may choose to do so.

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