The purpose of this research paper is to describe an industry that you are interest in.

MG 640 Industry Analysis Paper                                Due on the 12 th Week

  1. Purpose

The purpose of this research paper is to describe an industry that you are interest in. Preferably an industry is one that you have already identified in MG 615 (managing the global economy) and it caters for the local and foreign markets. Your analysis will incorporate variables of the industry as described by Porter Five Forces Frame in chapter 1:

  1. Entry Conditions
  2. Power of Buyers
  3. Power of Suppliers
  4. Substitute/Complements
  5. Rivalry

However, in this course, the five forces are re-framed (re-organized) along three classifications of the industry (see chapter 7) as follows in:

  1. Structure (entry conditions, including buyers and sellers)
  2. Conduct (how the power of the industry is affected its ability to set price above cost)
  3. Performance (profit in the long run)

There is a causal relationship connecting Structure to conduct, and then to the performance of the industry.

 Here, we need to show how one of the performance variables (dependent variable) is influenced by conduct and structure variables. Explain how each independent variable affects the dependent variable in your selected industry. Also, include a section about the performance of the industry in terms of foreign trade (next export).

  • Approach to your paper

Your write-up is based on chapter 7 in your text book.

  • Format  of your Term Paper

a. APA Style


-running head

-page numbering

-appropriate subheadings

-Times Font Numeral

-Errors Free

b. About 5-6 pages in length:

– Introduction (overall purpose of the paper; background of the industry, and outline for the remaining paragraphs of the paper)

– Body (Structure, Conduct, and Performance)

– Summary (in about one paragraph summarize the key findings of your industry

-Conclusion (about two sentences: either state your recommendations, suggestions for future research or the main point of your paper)

c.In-text Citations (quote least 2 sources); paraphrase and appropriate referencing

d. Reference page (two or more sources-hanging indentation)

  • Outline of Industry Analysis Paper
  • Introduction
  • History or background to the industry
  • Purpose
  • Data sources (primary/secondary)
  • NAICS codes
  • Plan of the paper it terms of the issues to be discussed in the remaining paper
  • Body of the paper
  • Performance (Dependable Variable)
  • Structure, and Conduct( Explanatory variables)
  • Show how each influences the dependable variable
  • Data collections and table
  • Trends line (interpretation)
  • Is possible that the causation may be reversed (conduct to either performance or structure)? Explain
  1. Summary
  2. Conclusion
  3. References

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