Thesis question, Gun control , law homework help

This is what I wrote.What the teacher is now asking is this and this is what I need:

Hi Jasmine,

Gun control is a great topic; however, I was not sure what your actual thesis was. Please let me know what your thesis is so we can go from there. Thanks!

While there are those that argue for the total ban of ban sale and ownership in the United States, there are those that advocate for the free toll possession and ownership of guns. There have been cases where fire has been opened up by different individuals in the US in public and the ramifications have been devastating. On the other hand there have been enormous gains in the way that gun sale have earned revenues for the government. Violent incidents have risen in the recent past (Alvarez, 2012). It is also a requirement that the criminal justice system be empowered to ensure that all that is going on is put under control. This can be achieved through the licensing of the guns. Although licensing has existed for quite some time now, there is need for serious vetting of gun owners and possessors in the country. During gun licensing mental health is evaluated.

It is needful to say that there are incidents when the African-American population has been blamed for the surge in violence levels. There are several instances when the US Supreme Court has had a chance to address the constitutional concerns of the issue (Wintemute, 2011). It remains the responsibility of the legislative arm of government to ensure that citizens are protected. For the illegal guns that are in the streets, the criminal justice system should make sure that all measures are put in place to address the different security concerns that have come in the recent past.

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