This is a paper for my media design classes.

This is a paper for my media design classes. I chose a topic on infographics, which is a form of data visualization but with a sense of design and aesthetic to it. I would like you to help me improve on the structure of this paper so that it is well organized and clear, and hopefully interesting for my professor to read! The required length is at least 2300 words so I’m a little bit tight on that. I really appreciate for refining this paper for me and I’m willing to add bonus if it is good. 
Feel free to change anything that you think can be improved
I did’t include citation on this document but I did it in MHL. Should I use APA or MHL?(college level)
I mean MLA.
I say lets just follow APA then since you are used to that.
Oh don’t worry about the sources. I already listed them in MLA format. I will just add them accordingly after you are done. For now let us just foucs on the structures and contents. 😀
Each student must write a 2500 word document reporting on a topic of his
or her choosing related to graphic media. Each student must choose a
different topic. A list of recently used topics follows in the next section.
The list is provided to spark your ideas. You can choose one from the list
but you are not restricted to these topics. I encourage students to be as free
thinking as possible with regard to the topics. Overall, I want the student
work to provide the class participants with a greater sense of the wideranging
nature of graphic media.

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