Through a vote for cloture, the Senate A) confirms presidential appointees. B) ends a filibuster. C)

Through a vote for cloture, the Senate
A) confirms presidential appointees.
B) ends a filibuster.
C) overrides a presidential pocket veto.
D) accepts the House version of a bill. …….

The selection of the vice presidential nominee at the national convention is based on
A) the results of the primaries and caucuses: the candidate who places second in these contests is nominated as the running mate of the candidate who finishes first.
B) the convention delegates judgment as to the candidate who would make the best vice president.
C) the results of public opinion polls taken just before the convention begins.
D) the presidential nominee s choice of a running mate. …….

Compared to the president and Congress, the bureaucracy
A) is held in higher esteem by the public.
B) is authorized by a constitutional amendment rather than by the original Constitution.
C) has a more immediate impact on the daily lives of Americans.
D) has changed very little during the nation s history.

What, at least in certain circumstances, is in the purview of the District and special courts besides original jurisdiction?
A) Any court
B) The Supreme Court
C) The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
D) All of the above

How is the Speaker of the House of Representatives chosen according to the Constitution?
A) By party line voting in the House
B) By appointment by the president
C) By a majority vote of the members of the House of Representatives
D) By a majority vote of the members of the Congress

In the organization of the Congress, which chamber is defined as being more rigid in its adherence and usage of rules?
A) The House of Representatives
B) The Senate
C) Neither. Both are best seen as structured in a loose manner as far as rules are concerned.
D) Both are rigid regarding their adherence and usage of rules, so there is no difference between them.

________ were created in 1789 during the administration of George Washington. …….

A) The Departments of State, Interior, and Agriculture
B) The Departments of Commerce, Labor, and Energy
C) The Departments of Justice, Commerce, and Transportation
D) The Departments of State, Treasury, and War (Defense)

The United States has federal courts and state courts because of
A) the separation of powers.
B) citizenship laws.
C) precedent.
D) federalism.

Congress generally
A) tries to monitor the bureaucracy closely.
B) allows the bureaucracy to define broad policy goals.
C) sets broad policy and then allows the bureaucracy discretion in implementing it.
D) trusts the president to manage the bureaucracy, thereby relieving itself of the need to oversee the bureaucracy s activities.

The forced removal of a president from office through impeachment and removal requires action by
A) the House of Representatives only.
B) the Senate only.
C) the House and Senate in a joint session.
D) the House and Senate in separate proceedings. …….

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