Topic: child sexual abuse.

Topic: child sexual abuse. Using your text and scholarly sources research the topic chosen. Write a script for either a public service announcement (PSA) or create an informative multi-page booklet, like one might find in a doctor’s office or library. 
Length of assignment must exceed 500 words and include the following items:
Description of issue selected to include prevalence, types (if applicable), and common myths or misconceptions associated with the topic
Review of theoretical perspectives that explain development of or persistence of issue.
Who is impacted by this issue and how does sexual victimization affect the victim in the short term and long term?
Treatment options for perpetrator and victim
The goal of the PSA or informative booklet is to educate someone on the issue, as well as discuss treatment options in a way that lets them know why it is important to know this information. Watch the language and tone to ensure that the end product is informative as well as sensitive to someone who may be dealing with this potential issue.
Incorporate at least 2 scholarly resources in addition to the text within the content of your PSA/informational booklet. Sources must be cited with APA formatted in text citations within the assignment as well as have full references at the end of the assignment. Feel free to include pictures and illustrations as it relates to your content. If you choose to do the informational booklet, please do not limit the information to a tri-fold pamphlet as this would not sufficiently address the information for this assignment. Either do a multipage 8.5×11 handout that would be stapled, or a booklet (folded 8.5X11 papers). With a booklet, make sure the content reads in the correct order when viewing on the screen, as it will not actually be printed and folded. Here is some additional information on how to set up a book fold in your document for a booklet:

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