Topic: Federal Government Contracting (Contracting Officer Representative(COR) duties, business and finance homework help

Background: I am assigned as a Contracting Officer Representative (COR) on a government contract.

Issues: Contractor (Easy Corp) Management reports are typically submitted late to gov’t, the contractor program manager is rarely seen by contractor employees. Billing is delayed and contains errors. However, the government is pleased with Easy Corps employees…their management is just terrible.

Questions:1.What potential issues does the federal govt’ face when dealing with a contractor who constantly submits late and or inaccurate invoices?

2. As the Contracting Officer Representative, what recommendations would I make to the Contracting officer

3. What would be a good course of action for the government Contracting officer to take to correct this issue?

4. What issues does the contractor face is submitting late/inaccurate invoices?

PLEASE REFERENCE Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) …FAR Part 1.6 covers COR roles/responsibilities in govt contracting.

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