TOPIC: Nursing surveillance

TOPIC: Nursing surveillance

TOPIC: Nursing surveillance

A. Please go to the YouTube link below; watch the video, and then answer the questions below.
B. Please highlight each questions first, before providing the answer.
C. Please answer every questions below thoughtfully and thoroughly.
YouTube URL:

According to Dresser (2012), surveillance is defined as “the purposeful and ongoing collection, interpretation, and synthesis of patient information for clinical decision making to maintain patient safety” (p. 363). Watch the video of Lewis Blackman’s story and thoroughly answer the following questions:

1. Based on the definition of surveillance, which component(s) were negated to some degree in Lewis Blackman’s course of care?

2. From a management perspective what steps need to take place following this incident, for the patient, for the family, for the staff?
3. Reflect on the process of interdisciplinary care and collaboration. What can be learned from this incident? What measures must be instituted to avoid such an occurrence in the future?

Dresser, S. (2012). The role of nursing surveillance in keeping patients safe. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 42, 361-368.

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