Toyota – Data Collection and Evaluation Tools

Toyota – Data Collection and Evaluation Tools

This assessment focuses on the data needed to implement the measurement strategy you planned in Assessment 4—and ultimately the data needed to inform you about your OIP’s success within the Toyota Motor Company circa 2010. Consider what kind of data you need both to inform your final OIP and during the OIP’s implementation, as well as how that data will be collected and what an analysis of that data does—and can—tell you.


Take some time to review the kind of data needed for the following aspects of your OIP:

  • Data needed to understand more fully the process you are aiming to improve.
  • Data that you could collect in order to measure your OIP’s effectiveness.


Write a report in which you do the following:

  • Provide a brief overview of some of the possible tools, techniques, and resources for collecting real or anticipated data about the process you are aiming to improve in your OIP.
  • Select the most appropriate tools for collecting the data you will need to measure your OIP’s effectiveness. Be sure to consider the kinds of data most suitable for the measurement strategy you identified in Assessment 4. Justify your selection, explaining why these tools are the most appropriate for your OIP. Include the following as appendices in your report as support for your decision.
    • Prototype (or template) of the tools proposed.
    • Realistic (either real or simulated) data sample using your collection tool.
  • Describe your data collection and evaluation process, both prior to the implementation of your OIP and during it. Be sure to connect the data collection and evaluation process to the measurement strategy you detailed in Assessment 4.
  • Analyze the kinds of information you would expect to gather through this data and through your measurement strategy as a whole. Your analysis should detail how the results enhance, support, or change any existing aspects of your OIP. After exploring measurements and data, do you need or want to make any changes to your problem statement, your process visual tools, your problem scope, and/or your measurement strategy? Note: You do not need to submit modified versions of these things with this assessment. However, you may make changes to them in the comprehensive, final OIP that you will submit for Assessment 6.

Note: Please reivew and update cause-and-effect diagram and process flowchart in each assessment.

Additional Requirements

  • Length of report: 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages plus appendices.
  • APA formatting: Format resources and citations according to APA style and formatting.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Toyota Specific Resources

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Additional Resources for Further Exploration

You may use the following optional resources to further explore the Questions to Consider and assessment topics.

Operations Management

The following resources offer a foundational broad view of operations management.

You may want to search this blog for the following terms: automotive recalls, operations improvement, and strategic planning.

Case Studies

The following case study is recommended for further examination of the topics addressed in this assessment. You may wish to purchase it from Harvard Business School Publishing.

  • Wheelwright, S., & Schmidt, W. (2011). Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory management [Case No. 4208]. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing.

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