Trends In International Business

Assignment 2: Discussion—Trends In International Business

A number of major political and economic upheavals occurred in the 1990s. These events have driven many new trends in international business. Some of these events and trends include:
  • Liberalization of markets
  • Deregulation of industries
  • Changes in Eastern Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Financial crisis in Mexico (1994) and Southeast Asia (1997)

Identify and explain the importance of three major finance trends in international business since the 1990s. You may use the list above or you may consider other trends in international business. Why are these trends important for the global economy? How do they affect multinational corporations? How do they affect you as a consumer?

Based on your textbook reading and Internet research, answer these questions in a short essay, 3–4 paragraphs in length. Apply APA Standards and References.

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