U.S gross domestic product for the first quarter of 1965, Marketing Research Questions help

Report the following data,

a. U.S gross domestic product for the first quarter of 1965

b. U.S exports of goods and services for the calendar year 2014

c. U.K imports of goods and services for the calendar year 2012

d. U.S gross domestic product for the first quarter of 2014

e. Number of fast-food restaurants currently operating in North Dakota

f. For any a-e will you be uncomfortable relying on the number provided why or why not?

g. For any a-e are the data unavailable?

Evaluate the following survey designs

a. A text message survey asking the potential respondent to indicate with yes or no responses whether they are driving or not, whether they are alone, whether they believe the roads in their area can adequately handle traffic, whether more money should be devoted to better roadways, whether or not traffic is adequately policed, and whether or not automatic cameras should be used to issue speeding tickets. The sample is drawn from people who have agreed to be contacted via mobile phone regarding their new Subaru purchase.

b. A shopping mall that wishes to evaluate its image places packets including a questionnaire, cover letter, and stamped return envelope in the mall where customers can pick them up if they wish.

c. An email message is sent asking respondents to complete a questionnaire on a website. Respondents answer the questions and then have the opportunity to play a slot machine game on the website. Each respondent is guaranteed a monetary incentive but has the option to increase it by repeatedly playing the slot machine game.

d. A mall intercept interviewing service is located in a regional shopping center. The facility contains a small room for television and movie presentations. Shoppers are used as sampling units to evaluate television commercials. However, mall intercept interviewers recruit additional subjects for television commercial experiments by offering them several complimentary tickets for special sneak previews of movies. Individuals contacted at the mall are allowed to bring up to five guests. In some cases, respondents try to sell their complimentary tickets through Facebook and craigslist posts.

e. Time magazine opts to conduct a mobile phone survey rather that mail survey for a study to determine the demographic characteristics and purchasing behavior of is subscribers in the United Kingdom, France and the United States

3. A tissue manufacturer that has the fourth largest market share plans to experiment with a 50 off coupon during November and a buy one get one free coupon during December. The experiment will take place at Target stores in st. Louis and Kansas city. In addition, coupons will be issued either through the Internet or in the local newspaper. Sales will be recorded by scanners from which mean tissue sales for each store for each month can be computed and interpreted.

a. What are the experiment variable and the dependent variable

b. Prepare a mock experiment graph that shows hypothetical results (simply guess at what the mean values for each experimental condition will be).

c. What types of people will make good subject for this experiment?

4. Suppose researchers were experimenting with how much more satisfied consumers are with a new and improved version of some existing product. How might the researches design a placebo within an experiment testing this research question? Is using such a placebo ethical or not?

5. Look at the responses to the following survey items that describe how stressful consumers believed a christmas shopping trip was using a ten point scale ranging from one (no stress at all) to 10 (extremely stressful):

a. How stressful was finding a place to park? 9

b. How stressful was the checkout procedure? 5

c. How stressful was trying to find exactly the right product? 4

d. How stressful was finding a store employee? 6

i. What will be the stress score for this respondent based on a summated scale score?

ii. What will be the stress score for this respondent based on an average composite scale score?

iii. Do any items need to be reverse coded? Why or why not?

iv. How could the concept of split half reliability be applied using a sample of 100 respondents who gave answers to these four questions?

6. For each of the following, identify the type of scale and evaluate it

a. A U.S representatives questionnaire sent to constituents:

Do you favor or oppose the fair tax proposal

In favor opposed no opinion

b. How favorable are you towards the fair tax proposal

Very unfavorable Very favorable

c. A psychographic statement asking the respondent to circle the appropriate response

I shop a lot for specials

strongly agree disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree

7 Distinguish between rating and ranking. Which is a better attitude measurement technique? Why?

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