unit 1 assessment #1 To get my Associate Degree in Health Science or nursing, business and finance homework help

  • This question involves writing career goals. First, write at least three five-year goals toward your career by using the guidelines within the SMART method. Remember, the SMART method involves making the goal specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and establish a time to achieve it. Second, identify the type of job, the job’s title, the location (i.e., city), and the company. Then, briefly explain why these three goals are important to you.

    Your explanation must be at least 75 words. nothing can be from anyone else work but your own or i will fail. needs to be in APA format.

  • this is my start of it for you

    • To get my Associate Degree in Health Science or nursing
    • To get a job working in health care as a nurse or nursing assistant while I finish school
    • Get a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing

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