Valuation and Investment relating to Franchise Opportunities

There are many examples of franchise systems. Most people think of fast-food franchises, such as McDonald’s and Burger King, but many franchises provide a variety of other goods and services including auto repair, tax advising, consulting, real estate, fitness, educational, and dental services.

Research a franchise opportunity other than fast food. Identify and describe the opportunity. Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of buying that franchise, and how this may be unique to this business segment. Review the services and support provided to the small business entrepreneur by the franchise. Discuss how you would use the following business valuation techniques, begin with the Franchise Disclosure Document 1. Is it a unique concept or marketing approach 2. Profitability 3. A registered Trademark 4. A Business System that works 5. A Solid Training Program 6. Affordability 7. A positive realtionship with Franchisees to determine a value for purchasing an existing franchise opportunity.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length and conform to the APA Style. Include at least 3 scholarly references, which may include credible sources in print, or from the internet (.org and .com sites are not to be used, but books, journal articles, .edu and .gov sites may be considered as possible avenues for resource materials).

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