Week 1 project activity

week 1 assignment of this project is required ,i attach 4 files ,its only 10 point. only have 3 company Papa Geo’s, The Cutting Edge, and Wireless World choice .

plsese let me know if u have any qustion its look too much but its first week that why im going to send u all the info what i get from him .





Section 1.0 Executive Summary (Draft)


Dear Class:

In Week 1, your first course project activity is due on the closing Sunday night.

PLEASE get off on the right foot by reviewing the course project description shown below the syllabus, by downloading your course project documents from Doc Sharing, and by following directions in the documents about the assignment deliverables and which documents to submit to the weekly Drop Box.

In Doc Sharing, you will download these DVU project documents:

>Course Project Description.docx


>Project Activity Week 1.docx (and those for Weeks 2 – 7)

>Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx

You have three choices provided in the course project description: Papa Geo’s, The Cutting Edge, and Wireless World. Please do not create a different company or recycle a project from another class, as I will reject it and you will have to start over with a loss of grade points.

Students are building their budget proposal in stages, week by week, and submitting draft assignments. Each week you will submit the Word course project budget proposal template. Starting in Week 2 you will ALSO submit the Excel budget proposal workbook. Please do NOT submit individual Word or Excel documents for a week’s assignment or chop up the Word course project budget proposal template or the Excel budget proposal workbook. Instead, submit the entire Word course project budget proposal template and the entire Excel workbook and add your new work each week as you go along.

On the cover page of the Word Course Project Budget Proposal Template, please enter the name of the course project company you have selected, and underneath that enter the five-year period covered by your proposal, such as 2017 – 2021. Also, in the lower left hand corner of the cover sheet, please enter the DeVry March 2017 term, your name, and my name.

In Week 1, students will complete only the first paragraph in Section 1.0 Executive Summary in the Word course project budget proposal template. An executive summary is a high level and brief summary of what is to follow. The Word project activity week 1 document explains what you need to do. It is easy. I recommend that students leave the second and third paragraphs as-is in Section 1.0, as they will be updated in the Week 7 final version when students have that information that will be developed later in our course. If you delete those paragraphs now, it is possible that you will forget to complete them in the final version.

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