what do you think the United States should do with its unparalleled military and economic power?

my class is the internatioanl forum class that invites a speaker to speech about current international issues.
Speaker was Zach Dorfman who is senior editor of Ethics & International Affairs, the journal of Carnegie Council. // topic : “The (Intellectual) Omnivore’s Dilemma: Navigating the IR World as a Generalist in a World of Specialization”
Writing college level
550 words essay (no more than 550words) 
you should read and use all three attachments that I’ve posted 
consists of a title, introduction with thesis (what is politics? what is power in terms of politics? politics in international relations ?etc.) 3-4 body parts (each for one question) and conclusion 
no vague, unclear argument. Please be specific! 
do not use other sources besides sources that I’ve posted
need to add in-text citation; form: (author’s last name year: pg#) -> e.g : (Lafayette 2011: 3)
answer the all following questions: 
what do you think the United States should do with its unparalleled military and economic power?
What should the US do regarding nuclear weapons and refugees? *
how have your views on foreign policy been formed?
How reliant on media companies are you for information about US foreign policy, and if you feel overreliant on them, how might you develop a more diverse set of information sources? (please write down your specific opinion) 
The speaker focused on the realistic perspective (realism); our expense on nuclear is a fundamental feature of life and monopoly power. 
he said that today nuclear weapon is strength and domestic power. US. Russia, China n.Korea, Israel etc, have nuclear weapons – > securitization dilemma (raise military power to secure the nation, less security) . He also talked about in what ways the US justified the attacks on Nagasaki or Hiroshima in the past? why suffering the world? all attacks are idealistic U.S policies? 
he gave the media biases on 9/11 attack

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